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Peaceful night by SiMonk0
by SiMonk0

Right off the bat, I enjoy how you animated the night sky. The way you placed each and every star and added glow to the moon gives the ...

Rainbow Dash by Crazyaniknowit

First off, I like the expression on Rainbow Dash's face. It's daring, it's defiant, and it lets you know that you're in for a challenge...

Cop Pony -Profile- by The-Butcher-X

For starters, I absolutely love the way you had the cop pony outlined. You’ve always had a gift for drawing the characters almost ident...

The Date by GBrushAndPaint

Right off the bat, I love the way you placed every object in the picture. The table is practically symmetrical, excluding the bottle th...

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GJ301: Greetings, everyone! This is GJ301, and I welcome you all to my next crossover review, where every last week of the month, I’ll be critiquing an MLP related piece of art along with another fellow critic. This month, I’m reviewing:

Dangerous Selfie by Hunternif

“Dangerous Selfie” by Hunternif


And joining me this month is writer and hobbyist AlisiaLanet. What do you say we jump into this, Alisia?

AlisiaLanet: I definitely think we should! No one has asked me to do a crossover with them before. But I think I’ll be able to do it. So let’s get started! 

GJ301: Absolutely! This is “Dangerous Selfie”!



GJ301: So I guess we can take this quality-by-quality, starting with the vision. What do you have to say about how well the picture lives up to its name?

AlisiaLanet:  Well, the illustration fits the title very well and if not for the title I would not had thought of a selfie. 

GJ301: I would have to agree. Truth be told, however, when I saw this piece, I first thought of that scene from Spy Kids 3, where Juni and Demetra are fighting and Demetra is swinging Juni by the legs and the camera is travelling with him. My idea was that the illustration was trying to create a rush by following the protagonist as they swing in such huge motions, thus generating some level of anxiety. Do you think the same thing?

AlisiaLanet: Partially, though to me, it appears Rarity is reaching out for help from the pony we are seeing through the eyes of.

GJ301: Now that’s not a bad theory. You can infer that this picture is from the point of view of, say, Rainbow Dash or Fluttershy, and that Rarity is reaching her hoof out to either one of them so that she can escape. At the same time, however, you can hypothesize that Rarity literally has a phone and that she is sending a selfie to her peers via Snapchat, informing them that she’s in danger. It could be a joke on how she’s using technology and/or social media to get someone to rescue her.

AlisiaLanet: I guess that’s possible. Not the idea hat I had in mind, but I guess I can see it. Either way, it is still beautifully done.

GJ301: Well, enough about the vision. What about the originality? Do you think it has something new to offer?

AlisiaLanet: I sure do! The episode is well known, as is the scene between Spike and Rarity. I personally have not seen much artwork at this particular angle or with this certain expression. It is original in the way it is presented and the style used. 

GJ301: I one hundred percent agree. I always say that even if a certain idea has been done before, or if there’s a particular scene that exists in, it’s what you can bring to it that’s fresh and new that matters, and this picture does exactly that.

AlisiaLanet: Indeed! It did a very nicely job in making an iconic scene feel refreshing.

GJ301: So that seemed pretty simple. Now we move on to the technique. Would you like to comment on it first, Alisia?

AlisiaLanet: Definitely! I must say that it has beautiful shading and lighting! There’s also some wonderful and fluid movement and expressions! I love the depth and distance demonstrated to give it a sense of the viewer being there. The shimmer framing the base of Rarity's eyes is nicely done, appearing to look like tears, which adds to the emotion on her face.

GJ301: Exactly. I like how he created a shimmering effect as well. It proves that Rarity has this intense feeling of anxiety. She’s so worried that she’s going to die, that she’s crying. Like you said, it’s a clever way to display emotion.

AlisiaLanet: I know! Not only that, but also the color of her eyes is beautiful and the magic around her horn is also wonderfully done. The shading on her mane alongside the use of blur really adds to the swinging motion of Spikes tail.

GJ301: Precisely. It goes back to what I was saying earlier: it creates the feeling of a rush, making the observer feel a state of terror. 

AlisiaLanet: That’s absolutely true! On top of that, the blur on Spike and the scenery is nicely done, adding detail as well as to the first person view we have with the close-up of Rarity. I will say the angle and twist of Spikes head is well done but his showing eye does appear to be bulging up off his head a little at the top. A minor thing but maybe, even though not as dramatic, if it had been closed or not disconnected at the top then it wouldn't seem off. 


GJ301: I don’t really see the bulging eye as much of an issue. Yet, what I do see as an issue is how there seems to be this weird object covering it. I don’t really mind if his eyes show, but whatever object that is supposed to be in front of it, it’s not needed in the illustration.

AlisiaLanet: I respectfully disagree with your thoughts on the eye, but I think we’re both on good terms when we say it’s not animated very well. Still though, this minor detail does not detour from the overall artwork. The lighting on Spike's scales is well done and I enjoyed that spot of detail of scales, such as on his tail close to Rarity. The spikes are also nicely angled and colored as well as shaded. 

GJ301: I think you’re right. This is especially true when it comes to his tail. Because it’s much nearer to the camera, you can see more of it in detail. The fact that the texture of his scales becomes much smoother as he moves further away is a great way to show off the aperture effects. But I think we’ve discussed more than enough about the technique. Let’s move on to the final aspect: the impact. What do you have to say about it?

AlisiaLanet: The emotion is expressed very well and comes across wonderfully. I love the way a look of fear reflected in her eyes. I also pick up on a feeling of wanting to get the perfect picture as well despite the fact she is in danger, which would fit with the vanity she has displayed from time to time in the show.

GJ301: That’s true. She has always been a stickler for detail, so it would make sense that she would want to make the picture as sharp as possible.

AlisiaLanet: Yeah! Furthermore, I enjoy how the emotion in Spike's body matches with the rage and out of control nature we saw displayed in the episode. It is beautifully done.

GJ301: I agree. Based on how hard and fast he’s swinging her, you can tell that he’s in a fit of rage. It’s the perfect way to prove how monstrous he is behaving.

AlisiaLanet: Absolutely!

GJ301: Well, I think we’ve covered enough of this drawing. Want to share your concluding thoughts?

AlisiaLanet: Sure. I think it’s a beautiful piece overall, despite the minor fact with the one showing eye from Spike. Upon closer look it still has the appearance of being slightly disconnected at the top but that is most likely due to the movement, which if so then nicely done in adding to the small details. A wonderful piece that is unique in its own way even if the scene/event is well known for the most part. I very much enjoyed viewing this. Overall, I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars.

GJ301: Nice final thoughts, Alisia! As for me, I think this is one of the best illustrations involving Spike and Rarity, even if, like you said, it is based on an actual episode. The blending of colors is magnificent, the expressions on the characters faces are very lifelike and emotional, and as much as I hate to sound like a broken record, I have to admire one last time how it perfectly creates the feeling of anxiety and nervousness. For a piece that’s based on my favorite Spike episode in the series, I must say that it is superb! As a whole, I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars, as well. 



GJ301: Well, everyone, I hope you enjoyed my fifth, and possibly longest (:blushes:) crossover review to date. I thank you all for checking it out. Speaking of checking things out, be sure to visit Hunternif’s gallery, where you can find all sorts of MLP drawings, as well as portraits, studies and speedpaints, and even something called “Art-Battle” speedpaintings, where every week, he has two hours to create the best pony-related drawing as part of a contest held by Russia's largest Brony community forum/blog Tabun. I would also like you all to take a look at AlisiaLanet’s profile, where you can find all sorts of different works, including short stories, charcter profiles, and even a fanfic talking about the origins of King Sombra! I want to thank you again for doing this with me, Alisia!

AlisiaLanet: You’re welcome! It was a pleasure reviewing with you! It has been a while since I last did an art review [rubs back of head]. It felt good doing it again. Thank you so much, GJ!


GJ301: No problem! Once again, I thank you all for reading! I’ll see you soon!

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You know things are going to heat up when the actor who plays Detective Elliot Stabler joins the cast of your show. It just seems so COOL!!



So “Authority Always Wins” is the second episode in the fifth season of True Blood, and is the fiftieth episode overall. In this episode, Pam orders Tara to not bite Sookie and to stay inside the house. After Pam leaves, Sookie and Lafayette have trouble controlling Tara. She runs upstairs, but the duo manages to catch her with silver and bring her down to Eric’s cubby to rest. Sookie goes to the store to purchase some “silver misters” to keep Tara inside. Lafayette is thinking about staking her, but Sookie convinces him not to, saying that she deserves to be given time to get used to it, like Jessica. Later that night, Tara emerges from the cubby. She approaches both Sookie and Lafayette, saying that she will never forgive either of them. She then runs off into the night.

Meanwhile, Bill, Eric, and Nora are taken to an unknown facility. A vampire named Salome leads them down to their cells. Eventually, Bill and Eric are interrogated separately by Salome and Dieter Braun. They are asked a series of questions, including whether or not they believe in the idea that God created vampires. They try to get them to cooperate by telling a series of lies, but it doesn’t work. Soon, they are brought before the Authority. Roman is about to give them the True Death, but Bill proposes that they give them their lives in exchange for Russell Edgington. They then reveal that they didn’t kill Russell but buried him in cement instead. Bill promises to stop Russell, even if it means meeting the True Death.

Concurrently, Jason comes across the mini-van of Debbie. Andy finds a stash of V, which he hides in his pocket at first, but then gives to Jason. At the police station, Jason watches Steve on television. When asked if he has a special someone in life, Steve doesn’t refer to Jason, which Jason finds relieving. Soon, a kid enters the station and punches Jason for sleeping with his mother, which caused his parents to get a divorce. The kid is soon escorted out. At night, Jason stops by Maxine’s house to apologize to Hoyt, but he still doesn’t forgive him. As he’s leaving, Maxine thanks Jason for “breaking Hoyt and Jessica up”.

In the meantime, Luna takes Sam to her house and cleans up his injuries. Soon, Martha stops by and says that she wants to see Emma, but Luna doesn’t allow it. Martha asks what will she do once Emma turns into a werewolf, but Luna argues that she is a shapeshifter instead. After she leaves, Sam tries to be open to the possibility that Martha is right, but Luna grows hostile towards him, which causes him to leave. The next night, however, Luna hears noise coming from Emma’s room, and when she enters, she finds that Emma is, in fact, a werewolf.

Towards the end, there is a trail of dead bodies shown, and Russell is in a bed healing. He opens his eyes and licks the blood off of his mouth.


So right off the bat, I enjoyed how incredibly nuts Tara behaves when she enters the house. How best to describe her? Well, remember that scene from Family Guy where they invite Margot Kidder to dinner, but then she goes completely insane to the point where she jumps out the window and runs through the streets screaming? Well, imagine that, but cranked up to eleven. That’s what Tara during her first night as a vampire is like. I have to admit that there were some really intense moments, like the part where they try to give her some Tru Blood without setting her off. Truth be told, I could sort of tell when the jump scare would happen, but I was still fearful about what Tara would do.

Then we had the scenes where she finally exits the cubby and starts acting like herself again. At first, I was a little confused, because Pam said that there was a good chance that she would never be the same again. But then I remembered that vampire blood could heal people, so that minor state of confusion quickly cleared up. I was also surprised because at first, when she glared at Sookie and Lafayette, I thought she was still in her crazy state, but when she says that she’ll never forgive them, not only does it throw you off guard, but it also hits as a wham line. It kind of makes you wonder what Sookie and Lafayette will have to do to win over Tara’s forgiveness.

We also had the scenes with Bill and Eric. I have to say that I’m pretty intrigued by how they designed the authority headquarters. They have everything including fingerprint scanners and UV lights that activate every time the guards want to punish their prisoners. They did a great job at making this place look threatening.

The interrogations scenes were pretty intense. I must say that I really enjoy Dieter. The way that he tried to force his religious beliefs onto Bill just seemed so despicable that I loved it! In a strange way, he reminds me a lot of Colonel Hans Landa from Inglorious Bastards. He’s very charismatic, very proper, but incredibly sinister. I just love it so much! I think he might be one of the few villains from this series that I’ll actually enjoy watching!

But going back to the interrogation scenes, those themselves were, like I said, pretty good. When Eric is told that his sister has met the True Death, you can really see the heartbreak within his eyes. You actually get a feel for him. I think I’m more capable of doing that now after the last season. But even more, I appreciate the way how Bill and Eric don’t fall for the lies that the interrogators tell them. They might be clever, but our heroes are even cleverer.

So we also learn more about the Authority and how the operate. They seem to be this secret group that meets up and organizes the rules of vampire culture. Like I said, there seems to be something completely threatening about them, even though they all probably possess good hearts.

Finally for Bill and Eric, I find it fascinating how the series seems to be expanding a little more on the mythos of vampires in this world. There’s so much talk about this god named Lilith and how he, or she, gave birth to vampires or created the species. I don’t want to learn about her too much myself right now, seeing how I don’t want to spoil the show for myself, but I’m anticipating how the rest of the season will explain this.

In addition, there were the scenes with Jason, and just like the last episode, there seems to be a lot of stuff going on with him. First off, there was the scene with him finding Debbie’s car, Andy finding the V and giving it to him. I have to applaud Andy for doing this. He thought of giving in, but he was quick to change his mind and do the right thing. Although I better not see another V bottle on his desk, or I’ll be pissed.

Second, there was the scene with the kid confronting him in the police station, and I have no idea what point that served. It’s just a kid trying to get back at Jason for doing something terrible. What’s even weirder is that Jason isn’t too enthusiastic about having sex anymore, so even if they do write a plot about his actions dividing a marriage, wouldn’t this have been a better plot to have in one of the earlier seasons? But, whatever. We’ll see where they go with it.

Finally, we have the part where he tries to apologize to Hoyt again, only this time, it’s at the house of Queen Bitch herself, Maxine Fortenberry. As expected, it doesn’t work, but what was not expected was Hoyt hurling so many swears at his mother after he tells him not to curse. Maybe it’s because I hate Maxine with all my heart, but I actually loved how he went all Wolf of Wall Street on her. It got a bit of a smile out of me. Yet, I really hope that Hoyt doesn’t have this bitter attitude for the remainder of the show.

Next up, there was Sam’s plot. There weren’t that many moments involving him, so I don’t really have much to say about him. All I really have to add is how cute and funny it was to see Emma as a wolf. It’s like what the writers said: it’s funny to the audience, but troubling for Luna. And you know what? As much as I love seeing that baby wolf dressed in those little kiddy clothes, I do have great concern for Emma, because now this means the pack will try to recruit her or something. Optimistically, Sam will do something to save the day.

Some of the other plots were decent. The most interesting of them had to be the one where Terry is trying to fight his PTSD, and says that they need to find their friend to set everything right. I hope they do fix it, because Terry’s relationship with Arlene could be on the line, and I love that couple too damn much to watch their bond fall apart!

Finally, we had the scene with Russell healing, and yeah, it has me in shivers. Who knows what he’ll do now that he is free. Like I said in my “And When I Die” review, I’m pretty fearful that he’ll come after Sookie, seeing how she disposed of Talbot’s remains. I will say that it might make for one hell of a climax later on. It’ll show how much either Bill or Eric care about her.

Guys, in the end, “Authority Always Wins” was a pretty good watch. We got to learn more about the authority, see Tara’s first reaction to being a vampire, and a bunch of new story arcs beginning to unfold. For that, the episode gets an 8.5 out of 10.

Alright, now how about I hear your thoughts on this episode? Did you like it hate it, or thought it was okay? In addition, what do you think of Tara being a vampire now, and what new conflicts do you think this will lead to? Whatever your opinion is, be sure to share it down below! Thanks for reading, guys! I’ll see you soon!
I don't know why, but sometimes, it peeves me when I give all the drawings within one week the same exact rating. 
Peaceful night by SiMonk0
Right off the bat, I enjoy how you animated the night sky. The way you placed each and every star and added glow to the moon gives the scenery a sense of realism. Speaking of lifelike qualities, I also admire how you drew Rainbow Dash’s mane and tail. Based on how messy it is, you can make the assumption that she’s getting to enjoy the peaceful night sky after a long day of hard work. On top of that, I appreciate the way you drew her figure, making it look identical to the one ponies have on the show. As for criticisms, I would have liked to see a bit more of Rainbow Dash’s face. Perhaps you could pull her mane aside a bit more so that we can see how happy she is to be viewing the rising of the full moon. In addition I don’t like how there’s nothing going on at the top of the image. I would either crop that part completely, or have something like a shooting star or Princess Luna fly across it. But despite all the criticisms I made, this is still a very fine illustration. It’s peaceful, it’s lifelike, it's beautiful, and it makes me want to relax after a hard day’s work. Speaking of hard work, I recommend you keep it up, SiMonk0!


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I am an avid writer, critic, and filmmaker. I mostly like to review artwork, which would typically be MLP-related. I also enjoy posting things that are related to award shows, like the Oscars, Grammys, Emmys, and Tonys. Sometimes, I might even create an award show of my own!

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