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by Fizzy68

Now I do like the way the rectangular shapes give off light. It appears as if some dangerous substance is being put together. I also li...

For starters, I relish the fact that you gave the Sirens hairstyles for their true forms. It seems to fit with the theme that character...

by zilvart

Of course, what I enjoy mostly about this piece is the concept of Rainbow Dash and tank spending time together. Not many popular artist...

For starters, I love the way that Starlight is illustrated. Not only is she perfectly sized, but also the outlining of her body is very...

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I take back what I said in my “9 Crimes” review. Tough Love Sookie is Best Sookie.



So “Death is Not the End” is the fourth episode in the seventh season of True Blood, and is the seventy-fourth episode overall. In this episode, Sookie calls Jackson about the death of Alcide while Jason calls Hoyt about the death of Maxine. Once they’re done talking, Jason begins to cry until Sookie tells him to man up, or else they’ll never be able to find their friends. Sookie goes to the Bellefleur’s home to console Coby and Lisa, assuring them that everything will be okay. She goes inside the house to speak with Holly, and using her powers, she has the frightful mother recall the events that happened to her, resulting in them realizing that the women are all at Fangtasia.

Meanwhile, Jessica is still not healing from her wound due to her not feeding, and when James tells Bill, they realize that she hasn’t fed for two months. Sookie eventually enters and tells Jessica that her problems don’t matter, because they still have plenty of people to save, and they shouldn’t dwell on who has already died. Eventually, they call Lafayette over, and when he tells her that she needs to feed, she says that she doesn’t want to drink the blood of the “innocent”. Lafayette remarks that he is in no way innocent, recalling the time that he killed Jesús. Lafayette coaxes her to feed, to which she slowly complies to do.

Concurrently, Eric and Pam are flying on a plane from France, when suddenly, Eric has the plane rerouted to Shreveport, so that he can apologize to Willa before he dies. We then get a series of flashbacks back to 1986, which shows Eric and Pam first getting sold the rights to Fangtasia, which was at the time a video store. Ten years later, they meet Ginger. After becoming fascinated with the two, she applies for a job there. Ten more years later, Ginger brings in a chair that would later become Eric’s throne, and explains to Pam about her idea for Fangtasia. However, Pam glamours Ginger into believing that the idea was hers.

Eventually, Eric and Pam arrive at the Compton house to meet up with Bill, Sookie, Jason, Violet, and two other vampires named Michael and Keith. Everyone finds that Eric has been infected, much to their disgrace. Sookie and Eric have a private conversation about Alcide’s death, and where Eric has been over the past few months. Eventually, an angry Willa shows up, and after Eric tells them about the secret tunnel, he and Pam join the mission and the gang drives off to the bar.

In Fangtasia, Arlene is taken upstairs by an H-Vamp. Sam soon arrives and manages to get Nicole and Jane out. All the other vampires make their way to the dungeon and file upstairs. As the H-Vamps are feeding off of Arlene, Eric knocks on the door, saying that he has a human (Sookie) with him. They let him inside, and the H-Vamps ask what she is. Just as our heroes are about to attack, Vince and his posse toss in a Molotov cocktail, setting the place on fire. As the vigilantes fire, the H-Vamps come out and kill Karen and Kenya. As the other H-Vamps come outside, our heroes emerge and they have a battle. Sookie tries to stay with Arlene, and as she gets closer to death, she claims that she sees Terry. Pam puts out the fire, and as another vigilante tries to set the place ablaze, Pam quickly kills him. Bill manages to kill Vince before he shoots Jessica. Eric manages to get Keith to give her blood, and as Arlene keeps drinking, “Terry” convinces her to stay alive. Arlene wakes up and she hugs Sookie.

Outside, all the H-Vamps have been defeated, and they start to wonder where Eric is. Pam finds Eric to be in the car feeding off of Rosie. Back inside, Eric notices Sookie still hugging Arlene, and after looking at each other for a bit, Sookie nods and then Eric walks out.


Ahhh. It feels so good to be giving out a butt-load of exposition again [irritably chuckles].

So right off the bat, we have the scene where Sookie and Jason tell Jackson and Hoyt that their family members have been killed. I have to say that it was a pretty heartbreaking moment. It seems pretty touching to see Jackson mourn over the loss of his son, because as he stated, he hasn’t had a fantastic relationship with him. So that was pretty sweet.

Also, we finally got to see Hoyt after sixteen episodes! Isn’t that awesome?! It’s been so long since we’ve gotten to see him, but now he’s back in all his glory! I heard that he’s supposed to have a prominent role during this season. If he does, then I’m going to be curious as to how they will write him this time around. He still doesn’t remember Jason or Jessica, so it’ll be fascinating to see if they try to jog his memory or try to start a fresh new relationship with him. Whatever happens, I’m pretty psyched!

So one thing that definitely kept my attention throughout the episode is Sookie’s tough love attitude. I mean, damn, was she tough! But I can totally understand where she was coming from the whole time. She did need to tell Jason to toughen up if they were going to rescue their friends. After all, he is part of the law enforcement, as she stated herself.  

I also thoroughly enjoyed Sookie’s talk with Jessica on how her problems aren’t important. As harsh as it may sound, she has a good point. People are in huge trouble right now, and she needs all the strength she can get in order to save them. Sure people have died, but they need to focus who they can save rather than who they can’t. I absolutely love that idea! Props to you, Sookie!

At the same time, however, she was also very good at being sweet and understanding. For example, when she talked with Arlene’s kids and told them that she knows that they comprehend the gravity of the situation. By the looks of it, people have been making the assumption that because they’re young and not bawling their eyes out, they don’t understand how upsetting the conflict must be. However, Sookie understands perfectly what they’re going through, especially since she knows what it’s like to show no emotion during a gloomy time.

In addition, I enjoyed how she was very gentle with Holly, who just got rescued from being controlled by H-Vamps. It’s amazing how she knew exactly how to interact with each and every character in order to rescue the people she loves. Call me crazy, but I think this may be one of the best appearances Sookie has ever made on the show. Daniel Kenneth really knew what he was doing with her. Give yourself a pat on the back, man! You deserve it!

It was also incredibly heartbreaking to see Holly act all hysterical. It’s ironic, because usually, she’s seen consoling other characters, but in this instance, she’s the one being consoled. It just goes to show that sometimes, even the wise ones need a shoulder to cry on.

Going back to Jessica for a moment, it’s kind of unbelievable that she’s resisted feeding for two months. Though I liked how Lafayette assured her that he is no more innocent than her due to the death of Jesús. I have to say that it hit pretty hard in the gut to hear him bring up his dead boyfriend. He’s been dead for three seasons, and yet I still miss the hell out of him. But still, it was a thoughtful way to convince Jessica to feed once more. Though I am intrigued to see how James will talk to Lafayette about this news, since the two of them have some chemistry going on.

The scenes with Eric and Pam were also very clever. They mostly focused on the flashbacks of them getting the rights to what would eventually become Fangtasia. It was pretty cool to see the bar as a video store first, and we even got to delve into Ginger’s character a little more. Who would have guessed that she wet through the phases of being a nerd, as well as an emo? But what’s even better is that the flashbacks cleverly tied into the actual story. It turns out they used the flashbacks to reveal that there’s a secret passage way leads from the outside into the dungeon. Not disrespect to the flashback sequences of the past, but this is probably the best one in terms of context.

Now it’s time onto the big climactic third act. I have to say that this made for a pretty impressive climax. For starters, I love how Sam is finally revealing to the other characters that he’s a shapeshifter, seeing how he has no choice at this point. It was a rather comedic moment with Arlene. Though I think Eric failing to punch his way through the wall was funny as well.

We also had an awesomely shot showdown between our heroes and the H-Vamps. While a part of it was pretty cheesy, it also felt incredibly triumphant and glorious. It certainly added some tension to the scene as to who will live and who will die. Thankfully, each of our heroes ended up living, and we didn’t have to go through another big character death.

So we finally get to see Vince and his posse get defeated. It’s good to see those inexperienced assholes get it! WOOH! Though I kind of didn’t expected to see them go away even before the season half point. I figured that it would be an ongoing conflict that would last until near the end. I guess not.

Of course, the highlight of the episode is when Arlene was unbelievably close to meeting death and sees a vision of Terry. I have to say that it did make me a bit somber to see him again, because we know that’s obviously not the real Terry (or maybe it’s just his spirit), and that Arlene shouldn’t give into what she’s seeing, mostly for the sake of her kids. It warmed my heart when Terry told her to stay on Earth and be happy as they kept giving her blood. It made me a bit sad inside, but I knew it was for the best. It also kind of alludes to the idea of Arlene starting a relationship with Keith. Are we going to see her start a new bond with a vamp, possibly defeating her prejudice towards the species once and for all? We’ll just have to wait and see.

My only complaint with the episode is that when it does end, they don’t really acknowledge that they still have plenty of conflict to face. As Eric said earlier, Sarah is still out there. However, everything is depicted as if every conceivable problem has been solved. Maybe they could had a line of dialogue or two towards the end where Pam is like:

Pam “Thank god that’s all out of the way.”

And then Eric’s like:

Eric: “True. But we’re not done yet. We still have Sarah to deal with.”

I don’t know. It felt like the episode could have used something like that. But it’s still a decent ending anyway.

Lastly, when I first saw the title of this episode, I thought it would deal with Sookie telling Jason about what her parents were actually doing on the bridge that night that they died. It makes me wonder if Sookie will ever tell Jason the sad truth. She probably won’t, because she needs the good image of them to stay within his mind if he’s going to keep moving forward. But who knows?

Guys, in the end, “Death is Not the End” was actually a very kickass episode with a thrilling climax and some pretty damn emotional moments. It was fun, it was dramatic, and it sure as hell makes me excited to see what else is coming! With that, the episode will be given a 9.5 out of 10!

Alright, now I want to hear your opinion on “Death is Not the End”. Did you like it, hate it, or thought it was okay? Whatever your opinion is, be sure to leave it down below! Thanks for reading, guys! I’ll see you soon!
Now I do like the way the rectangular shapes give off light. It appears as if some dangerous substance is being put together. I also like how three-dimensional you made the building look. However, there are a few criticisms I’d like to make. Firstly, I wouldn’t have a light be casted over Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo. If this is supposed to be a horror piece, then you should try to make it look as eerie as possible, and the light really detracts from that. Second, make sure that something is actually holding Scootaloo. For now, it just looks like she’s floating in mid-air. Now of course, this drawing isn’t terrible. It does have a bit of a haunting vibe to it, and even the pegasi’s faces seem to emote enough. Even for someone who has never read Rainbow Factory, I think this is pretty serviceable. I just think that the aforementioned criticisms should be taken into account. Still, I suggest that you keep up the great work, Fizzy68!
For starters, I relish the fact that you gave the Sirens hairstyles for their true forms. It seems to fit with the theme that characters have the same hairstyles as their pony and human selves. I also love the way you drew the shadow effects. They smoothly blend from a lighter color to a much darker shade. For someone who draws entirely with markers, that takes skill. In addition, I commend the amount of detail you put into their scales as well as their fins. Now I do want to make some criticisms. Firstly, it seems like the way you drew Sonata is a little inconsistent. Unlike Aria and Adagio, the left side of her face is showing and she seems to take delight out of being vicious. If I were you, I would hide that half of her face and make her look angrier. On top of that, the background, while pretty, doesn’t fit the context of the piece. You should try to color it something more ominous and sinister, like dark red or black. Other than that, this piece is pretty well crafted. I love how the Sirens look, and I love how much effort you put into the coloring. Keep up the amazing work, Aurora-Chiaro!


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