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.:She walks, alone:. by Buttercup1220

Now I do like the way her mane hides her face, for it represents solemness. I also like how she's trotting through water, because it's ...

Twilight Fencing by Brok-Enwings

Now I will say that you drew Twilight's body properly, as well as the two swords. On top of that, you did give her a nice sense of fluf...

Snow Season by RedAceOfSpades

For starters, I really love the setup of this picture. Twilight has been drawn to a cave, and so she peers inside of it to see what it ...

~The future should be filled with magic...~ by cayfie
by cayfie

It’s great that December is finally here, which means I finally get to analyze this wondrous piece! It’s been a while since I reviewed ...

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Now we’re talking, baby!



So “The Sun” is the second episode in the sixth season of True Blood, and is the sixty-second episode overall. In this episode, Sookie gets a call from an angry Arlene, who reminds her that she needs to be at work. While Sookie walks to Merlotte’s, she finds a man screaming in pain in the woods. When she goes to help him, she discovers that he’s a faery who was attacked by a vampire. She takes him back to her home, where she bandages him. Once she’s finished, she realizes that the two of them have the same outlook. As they leave, Sookie finds out that the man’s name is Ben. When he says that he has no place to go, Sookie tells him that there’s a safe place for faeries. As she leads him there, Ben asks if he could take her out, and this leads Sookie to think of losing Bill. When Ben asks about him, Sookie gives him the rest of the directions and leaves him.

Sookie comes home to find Jason and their faerie grandfather, Niall. When he tells them that Warlow has returned, he lets them know that he has been hunting him ever since he killed his parents. Niall mentions how their bloodline possesses a special power that allows one to carry light in an orb and kill any vampire. Unfortunately, he also mentions how this would drain her light completely.

Meanwhile, Jessica wakes up to Bill’s screams. She goes downstairs to find that the hysterical Bill can feel the pain of every single vampire. Suddenly, Bill collapses in his chair and gets a blank stare. He has a vision where he’s brought to Lilith in a daytime meadow. She tells him that a tyrant is rising, and that he must complete her work. In the meantime, Jessica brings a woman from the blood donation service to feed Bill. She notices that Bill isn’t moving and says that he’s out of commission. As she leaves, her body goes rigid and Bill lures her towards him. He siphons all her blood from her body into his. Once she’s entirely drained, the woman falls to the floor. Jessica watches the whole thing in horror.

Concurrently, Tara is still screaming in pain from the weapon shot in her. While Pam is trying to comfort her, Eric and Nora show up to help. They remove the weapon and find that it’s a silver bullet with a U.V. light inside. After an argument, Eric says that the humans will have war if they want it. He orders to Nora to review the Book of Lilith as he goes out. Eric finds his way to Governor Burrell’s mansion and disguises himself as a man that was supposed to meet with him. He meets Burrell, and they have a discussion about vampires before Eric tries to glamour him into seizing his persecution of vampires. Unfortunately, this doesn’t work, because citizens have been given special contacts that prevent them from being glamoured. He orders the guards to kill Eric, but he flies off. Back at the bar, Nora finds something while reviewing the book. She leaves to further investigate her theory. Eventually, Eric drops by the bedroom of Willa, Truman’s daughter, and glamours her into letting him in.

In the meantime, a group of teenagers visit Merlotte’s. One of them approaches Sam and says that they know what he is. They go in the back where the teenager, named Nicole, encourages Sam to reveal himself as a shifter. Sam refuses, but she tries to tell him that once Burrell is done with vampires, they’re go after any supernatural species next. She adds if they all come out in a unified manner they could win. Sam still rejects the idea, and before the disappointed Nicole leaves, she hands him a flier. Later, Alcide, Martha, and Danielle stop by Sam’s to take Emma with them. Sam refuses, but Alcide and Danielle become aggressive, and after beating him and Lafayette down, they take Emma away. Little do they know that Nicole and the teens are recording them.

Towards the end, Jessica finds that Bill is still in his vacant state. Not knowing what to do about anything, she prays to the alleged god that is Bill, and pleads for mercy for all of the characters, including Hoyt. She begins to go upstairs when suddenly, Bill comes back. She rushes down to hug Bill, but then the TV turns on and shows a vampire being dragged on the road, which was in a vision Bill had earlier. Suddenly realizing that he can see the future, Bill gets another vision of how him, Jessica, Tara, Eric, Pam, Nora and other vampires are all going to die.


You know, sometimes I wonder if it was a good idea to start every review with a full plot synopsis, which it probably wasn’t. But seeing how I’ve done this for sixty-one other reviews, I might as well continue it.

Let’s start off with Sookie’s plot. So we have a new character named Ben, who has mysteriously arrived in Bon Temps. I have to tell you, I’m getting a little sick of how they keep adding man after man to what appears to be a laundry list of love interests Sookie has. First we had Bill, then Sam, then Eric, then Alcide, and now this Ben faery. Well hopefully they do something to make this character. If he’s going to be Sookie’s potential boyfriend, then they might as well add something fascinating to his persona.

And now for the more interesting Sookie plot. First off, let’s talk a little about Niall. We may only be two episodes into the season, but so far, he’s my pick for the coolest character of the season. Everything from his knowledge to his sophistication to the way he’s even dressed just seems incredibly wicked! I would definitely trust this guy to save my life.

Next, we have some of the history they give on Sookie’s family. I have to tell you: I was pretty engaged in the background that Niall gave. It turns out that Niall’s bloodlines are the first of faeries, making him a king and Sookie a princess. In addition, Warlow massacred Niall’s village when he was a kid and murdered his parents, and he’s been trying to find him ever since. I’m not going to lie: that seems like some pretty interesting background. It’s good that they’re expanding on both Sookie and Jason’s family and the faeries. On top of that, I find the idea of Sookie being a princess pretty buyable. I don’t know why, but I love these plots where the main characters are revealed to be to the throne, like The Chronicles of Narnia and Bone. I know they may seem pretty clichéd, but I’m usually open to them…if they’re done properly.

Finally, they also mentioned how Sookie has the ability to toss an entire orb of light at a vampire and kill him instantly, but it would also mean the end of her being a faery. I’m getting the strong feeling that this is foreshadowing to something. Could Sookie lose her powers for good this season?! I really hope not. We still have one season to go after this. I can’t imagine what would happen if she became mortal for the last ten episodes!

So next up, we have the plot involving Bill and Jessica. Obviously, the most intriguing part about this plot is how they expand upon what Bill can do now that he’s consumed all of Lilith’s blood. He can feel the pain of all vampires, he can talk directly to Lilith (well, he was forced to, but still, that’s cool), and he can drain a human completely of their blood. I’m excited to see what else he can do!

But I also like the way Jessica is trying to assist Bill in such a difficult time. It’s pretty fascinating how Bill used to help Jessica, but now, it’s working the other way around. It also shows how motherly she’s become. She showed that side of herself during the last season, but now it’s shining through a little more. I have to say, this show has come a long way in developing Jessica’s character. I’m excited to see how make her even better!

In other news, Lilith has told Bill that he has to help her complete her work. That sort of makes me anxious for how Bill will act throughout the entire season. I don’t know if he’s going to serve as the main villain, or the hero that’s going to fight against being evil or consumed by the blood of the villainous Lilith. I mean, I just want my heroic Bill back! I miss that guy, man! Well, I guess we’ll just have to wait and see [grunts].

Next up, there were the scenes involving Eric and Nora. Definitely the most entertaining part of the episode was watching Eric meet with Burrell disguised as a nerd of some sort. For starters, it was goddamn hilarious to see Eric dressed like that! I don’t know why, but whenever they have this tall fellow portraying any other person other than the cynical, egotistic vampire we’ve come to love, it makes for great comedy, like when he put on that different voice in “Timebomb”, and when he acted like an innocent child in season four! It just cracks me up!

But then, of course, we have the scene where Eric and Burrell have a discussion about vampires, trying to outwit each other. It’s somewhat engaging, but not as engaging as when Eric tries to glamour Burrell into leaving vampires alone, and it fails. Yeah, it turns out that the government has given contacts that resist the power of glamouring. Who knew that all of these inventions exist? First silver bullets with U.V. lights, and then these contacts. But then again, it’s the government. It makes sense for them to have weapons that can do virtually anything they want them to, and issue them out in desperate times.

Although I am excited to see how Burrell will react to the fact that Eric screwed his daughter. I’m going to enjoy the look on his face! For that matter, I’ intrigued to what Nora is up to. Wherever she’s going, it must be some place good.

Then there was the plot involving Sam. I have to say that I’m actually excited about the idea of shapeshifters finally revealing themselves to the world! It’s about time! I want to see how the world will react to them coming out. Furthermore, I love the character that’s encouraging this movement. Nicole seems like a pretty cool character. She’s friendly, she’s ambitious, and she’s not willing to back down without a fight. I can’t wait to see more of her.

Something else I want to see them explore is why the teenagers were recording the fight between Sam and the werewolves. Is she going to show it to both groups and show them that this is exactly how the two species shouldn’t interact with each other, in an attempt to bring them together? That’s my best guess, but again, we’ll see when the time comes (I say “we’ll just have to wait and see” way too much, don’t I?).

Some of the smaller plots only had one scene, but they were still interesting. For starters, I like how they haven’t finished the plot with Patrick entirely. That scene where his wife arrives to ask where he is was nicely done, and it was a good way to finish off the plot overall. Of course, they couldn’t tell her what really happened to him, or else they would face some serious problems. Plus, even though there was only one scene of this as well, that whole bit with Andy trying to find Maurella was pretty funny, especially with all the kids skipping and running around the stressed sheriff. I’m going to enjoy seeing where else this plot goes, especially once they bring Holly back into it.

We then had the final scene, where Jessica prays for mercy upon everyone she knows. It was a pretty nice scene, although it does agitate me a little that they used the same technique from the end of “Let’s Boot and Rally” where they a character’s monologue while cutting to a bunch of different scenes. Though I guess the contet is what’s makes it different. I mean, back when she was mortal, Jessica grew up in a household that was not only abusive, but also severely religious. So after escaping that environment, you’d expect her to want to steer clear of anything religious as much as she can. However, while going through an extremely tough time where she has practically no one to turn to, she resorts to praying to god. It really makes sense once you think about it.

But then of course, you have the very last minute, which shows a vampire being tortured by humans on television. It clearly shows that there’s no justice for vampires now, and that the humans are going to be anything but kind.

On top of that, Bill has a vision where him and several other vampires are going to die. I have to say, I’m feeling pretty fucking nervous about that. I do have some hope that they can avoid that future, but I’m still feeling doubtful. Let’s just pray that everything turns out fine.

Guys, in the end, “The Sun” I thought was a much better episode than the season premiere. It expanding more on the characters, as well as the world, and the characters have been giving bigger stakes than we can imagine. I have to give you props, Angela Robinson, for being one of the best writers to have worked for the show, and I also have to give your episode a 9 out of 10.

Gosh, I hate how lengthy this review turned out. I hope I can make the next one a lot shorter (probably not).

Alright, now I want to here your opinion on “The Sun”. Did you like it, hate it, or think it was okay? Whatever your opinion is, be sure to leave it down below! Thanks for reading, guys! I’ll see you soon!
.:She walks, alone:. by Buttercup1220
Now I do like the way her mane hides her face, for it represents solemness. I also like how she's trotting through water, because it's implying that she's so upset that she doesn't care where she walks. However, there are several problems I have with this piece. One of them is that the cutie mark is placed far too low on the hindquarters. I understand that you want your viewer to see the mark, but you should make sure it's higher. But an even bigger problem I have with this drawing is the glow. If this picture is supposed to convey worthlessness and loneliness, then you probably shouldn't have a light shining down on you. I won't understand if you wanted to show that there's a glimmer of hope for the mare, but the dominant mood is not supposed to be optimism; it's supposed to be solitude. I think excluding that would work for you in the long run. Now this isn't a bad illustration. You drew the mare's body pretty well, and I'm totally convince that she's melancholy. I just think that working on those two errors would benefit this piece immensely. Still, I advise you keep up the great work, Buttercup1220!
Twilight Fencing by Brok-Enwings
Now I will say that you drew Twilight's body properly, as well as the two swords. On top of that, you did give her a nice sense of fluff to her coat. However, one major gripe I have with the piece is that we don't get to see who Twilight is fencing. Don't you think that the drawing would be more epic if we saw who she was sword fighting with? In addition, make sure that Twilight's mane is more connected to the back of her neck, even when it's blowing in the breeze. This drawing isn't the worst thing ever. Some aspects are well animated, like the swords, Twilight's anatomy, and even the aura. I just think it's imperative that you work on those criticisms I made. Still, I advise you to keep up the great work, Brok-Enwings!
Snow Season by RedAceOfSpades
For starters, I really love the setup of this picture. Twilight has been drawn to a cave, and so she peers inside of it to see what it contains. I don’t think I’ve seen that idea done before, at least in terms of 3D animation. The piece is well crafted, too. The rocks look nicely textured, the background is kept blurry, the torch emits good lighting, and Twilight’s face perfectly displays a look of curiosity. But I think what especially works about this picture is that we don’t know what the princess is looking at. We don’t know if she has found a lost pony, or an ultimate source of power. Either way, it certainly makes me feel worried! If there’s one criticism I have to make, it’s that the drawing should be set during nighttime, so that a) there’s more tension when Twilight enters the cave, and b) the torch has more of a reason to be lit. Other than that, I think this piece is pretty solid. It has a clever scenario that’s executed decently, and it creates a nice feeling of anxiety. I honestly think this is one of the better 3D pictures I’ve reviewed thus far, and that just makes me more anticipated to analyze more! Keep up the fantastic work, RedAceOfSpades!


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