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Let me start off by saying that I love the concept of this picture! Applejack is dressing up as a fan of Pantera. It's pure genius! It'...

For starters, the lighting in this picture is very well done. I love the way the coat blends into a darker color as it moves towards th...

There are plenty of aspects that I admire about this piece. For instance, I enjoy the shading done with the mane and neck. It really ha...

Now I will say that I do appreciate the effort to using 3D animation, since this is the first time you've experimented with it. However...

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Does anyone else find it kind of ridiculous whenever vampires just pop like water balloons? Oh, what modern technology can do.



So “May Be the Last Time” is the seventh episode in the seventh season of True Blood, and is the seventy-seventh episode overall. In this episode, Sookie and Jessica accompany Bill, whose disease is accelerating very quickly. Sookie calls Dr. Ludwig for help, but she states that she doesn’t know why the disease in affecting Bill rapidly, even with Sookie’s species. When asked about her Fae line, Sookie mentions how she’s related to Niall, which causes Ludwig to flee immediately.

Sookie visits the cemetery to call for Niall. When she gets no answer, she goes inside her house to find him looking for tomato sauce. While eating Sookie’s spaghetti, Niall reveals that he saw Sookie infecting Bill, but didn’t stop her because he doesn’t like them being together. Sookie, however, talks Niall into helping Bill and he agrees. While walking to Bill’s house, Niall stops to sit on a branch and has Sookie hold his hands to figure out the miracle they need to help Bill. They have a vision of Bill and his human wife having a baby, but Sookie doesn’t see how the memory is relevant. After Niall says that there’s nothing his powers can do, Sookie tells him to leave, which he does. At night, Sookie visits Bill and tells him that she will stay with him until he dies, and they proceed to make love.

Meanwhile, Hoyt and Bridgette arrive at Bellefleur’s, and when they mention that they need to see Officer Stackhouse, Arlene calls Jason over to the restaurant. Once he arrives, he meets up with the couple, and he’s uncomfortable around Bridgette. At the morgue, Hoyt begins to cry out of guilt for not protecting his mother. Bridgette asks Jason to comfort Hoyt, since he too knew Maxine. Jason enters the room, and when Hoyt asks how Maxine died, Jason lies saying that she was an innocent bystander during Vince’s mob and was killed by a vampire, whom they killed. Hoyt then hugs Jason, who is then hugged by Bridgette from behind, causing him to become even more discomforted.

Concurrently, Eric, Pam, and Mr. Gus interrogate Amber. She refuses to give up her sister, saying that she has changed. Eric hallucinates about seeing Amber as Sarah, and he kills Amber. Later, Gus tells the vamps that they still plan to hunt Sarah, but they want to synthesize her blood to create a drink: Nu Blood. He asks to use Eric as a test subject for the new beverage, to which Eric accepts. Using official intelligence resources, the Yakonomo manage to track an insane Sarah at the abandoned Light of Day Institute.  They travel there and have her surrounded.

Towards the end, Sookie and Bill are having sex in front of the fireplace, just like their first time together.


So right off the bat, we have Sookie’s plot first, and honestly, I don’t have that much to say about it. They mostly just emphasize how sad it is for Bill to be diagnosed with the disease. I don’t think I could elaborate on that very much. I will say that it was pleasant to see Dr. Ludwig again. Even though she was pretty rude to Sookie and Bill, I did enjoy seeing her display her snarky attitude. After all this heavy drama, it was strangely welcomed. I feel as if she should have challenged Pam to a Snark-Off.

We also got to see the return of Niall, and I have to say that I was surprised to learn that he refused to help Bill because he doesn’t like him. It does make sense to a certain degree, after what Bill did last season. I mean, he became a partial reincarnation of the Vampire Devil. It would understandable for anyone to turn against him. At the same time, though, this does raise a few questions. Has Niall always been watching Sookie? If so, has he always disliked Bill, or did he start to dislike him after he drank Lilith’s blood. I wish that they elaborated on this more, because I would have been pretty intrigued to know.

As for the miracle they were talking about, I found to be kind of interesting that Sookie and Bill might have to have a child together in order to somehow cure him of his disease. I have absolutely no idea how that’s supposed to work, but I’m legitimately intrigued to see how it does.

So in more positive news, Hoyt is back in Bon Temps! It feels so good to have the fellow back in Louisiana after two seasons. There were times where I forgot that he was ever even a character on the show! That’s how long it has been! Either way, I’m glad that he’s finally back.

In much sadder news, he seems to be very disheartened to visit his mother’s dead corpse. Now, as many of you know, Maxine has always been detestable in my eyes. Hell, I think she was supposed to be detestable in everyone’s eyes. But I think we need to keep in mind that while she may not have been a morally ethical person, she still meant a lot to Hoyt. I appreciate that Hoyt still cared about his mother even with all the flaws she had. The fact that Jason tells him that she avoided joining Vince’s mob was very commendable, because it paints her as a good person in the last moments of her life. I’m proud of both of them.

So we also have this new girl that Hoyt met in Alaska named Bridgette. How is she as a character? Well, I have to say that she’s pretty decent. I thought it was nice of her to ask Jason to comfort Hoyt since he also knew Maxine. That was pretty noble of her. Although I sense some obvious conflict with Jason feeling uncomfortable around her. I can’t wait to see what this will lead to in the future.

Next up, we have the plot with Eric and Pam. This one was pretty decent for the most part. I like how Eric and Gus were able to find a compromise, and how they plan on releasing a new kind of vampire beverage. It seems that things are starting to look up for the vampire species. Though it seems like the two guys are still not entirely on the same page, and I sense that we’ll be getting a potential showdown between the two of them. One can only hope.

But of course what really stole the show in this episode is Sarah. Once she goes to visit her abandoned institute, she begins seeing hallucinations of all her past lovers, telling her that she’s going to die very soon, and that she’s going to hell. It’s great, because at first I thought it was a side effect from Amber’s blood, but then after thinking, I realized it was just her going crazy, which makes it even more entertaining. Just watching her argue with herself about how she wants to die, whether as a Christian or as a Buddhist, was incredibly fun! It’s great how we have a villain that you can either love or hate, because it just makes her all the more complex. I’m just incredibly anxious to see how Sarah will die, or if she’ll even die at all! I’m getting goose bumps just thinking about it! I’M SO GODDAMN EXCITED!!

Some of the other plots were pretty good, too. I really liked the scenes with Adilyn and Wade in Violet’s bedroom, feeling pressured about using the sex toys, when really, neither of them are comfortable. It just seemed so cute! They felt pressured into making love in certain ways, when really they should just do it in any way they’re comfortable doing it! It was just so adorable! Though I’m pretty concerned with what Violet will do to our heroes. Something tells me she has a sinister plan for killing Jessica.

Meanwhile, we have Andy and Holly still looking for their kids. I found it to be kind of ridiculous that they went all the way to Oklahoma City to search for them. Isn’t that, like, a long time away from Bon Temps?! I might have to check the map again. But I also found it to be very tender when Andy expressed guilt over not being able to protect his loved ones. It’s especially powerful, since this might actually be the only time we’ve ever seen him become this vulnerable. Even the toughest of cops need to let out some somberness every now and then, and Andy is here to show us.

Then we have Sam and Arlene talking about leaving Bon Temps, which I find to be very sad. Sam has spent the majority of his life here, so the idea of him leaving it all behind is pretty crazy to think about. Then again, I can see where Nicole is coming from when she says that they need to raise their child in a good environment. I just want Sam to know that whatever choice he makes is perfectly acceptable to me.

Arlene’s scenes were pretty good, too. I love how at first, she V-dreams about Keith making love to her, even though she has never considered becoming intimate with a vampire. It seemed pretty comical. But then we have the moment where she dances with Keith, and they still manage to be affectionate despite the fact that Keith can’t feed off of her or have sex with her. It seemed very admirable, since you don’t always need intercourse to express your love. I also love how Arlene is moving on to another man, especially one that’s a part of a species that she wasn’t always fond of. It’s definitely something that terry would have wanted, and I’m glad the show took her character in that direction.

So then we have the scenes where Lettie Mae and Lafayette are digging up what Tara was telling them about. Honestly, I felt very disappointed that they only showed one thirty-second scene of this during the episode. They built up so much hype about Tara’s message from the last episode, that it feels like they should have gotten somewhere prominent during this episode. Hopefully, whatever Tara’s telling them is something big, and I anticipate that all this buildup will pay off.

Finally, we have the last scene, where Sookie and Bill make love in front of the fireplace. It was pretty sweet. I don’t really have much to add to this one, except how much I admire Sookie for staying with Bill until the end. I guess all I can say at this point is how cool it is that now the show is making all sorts of callbacks now that the final episode is getting closer. Dr. Ludwig returns once more; Sarah visits the Light of Day Institute; Sookie and Bill make love the same way they did the first time. It’s pretty fascinating. Hopefully, the series will keep them coming as the finale gets nearer.

Guys, in the end, “May Be the Last Time” is a pretty solid episode with moments of affection, nostalgia, and anticipation. As always, it has me wanting to know more, and inclined to get more. With that, the episode will be given a 9 out of 10.

Alright, now I want to hear your opinion on “May Be the Last Time”. Did you like it, hate it, or thought it was okay? Whatever your opinion is, be sure to leave it down below! Thanks for reading, guys! I’ll see you soon!
Let me start off by saying that I love the concept of this picture! Applejack is dressing up as a fan of Pantera. It's pure genius! It's also fitting for this picture to focus on Applejack, since she's always been the sturdy member of the group. It always seems zany to see characters stepping out of their element and becoming interested in things that the normally wouldn't, and this drawing doesn't fail to execute that concept! On top of that, the outlining is nicely done. Even the way that AJ is holding up her nails and putting her hand on her hips seems badass! Now I do have a few gripes to make. Firstly, I believe that the image could zoom out on her body. I would love to see what kind of boots she's wearing. Wouldn't it be fun to see her wearing black leather kicks with silver spikes? There are some real possibilities there. Second, I still think you should try to shade certain parts in a consistent direction. When you shade in multiple directions, like on the left thigh and forehead, it's less presentable. Try doing it in one way. Other than that, this drawing is pretty solid. It has a fun concept and with proper outlining and coloring, it delivers it very well. Overall, this illustration is pretty Goddamn Electric! Keep up the amazing work, FlutterThrash!


Hello, everyone! This is GJ301. So here’s that other project that’s LONG overdo. I very much apologize to PepperScratch as well as PaintingStrides for getting this out so late. I’ve had so much to manage that it slipped my mind completely. It’s just like Chronicle, where I keep you waiting, but then the tory never continues, and then I never reveal what Matt has been up to, or how the kids gained superpowers, or how Andrew’s father is holding up after his son… sorry, I’m still bitter that there’s no sequel. The point is, I at least have it up now, and I’m glad that it’s finally done. This time, I’ll be reviewing the literary winner, and while I enjoyed both PaintingStrides and pretty-pegasus-wings’s works, there can only be one winner, and we have to analyze one of them. Either way, I congratulate both artists for working very hard. So without any more delay, and I do mean ANY more delay, lets analyze:

Peppermint Contest -- Entry (Part 1, Prologue)#pepperscratchccc 
    It was cold. Oh, so cold. Peppermint wandered through the forest, her ears perked and her knees buckling with every step. It was so cold.
There was light. Like light at the end of the tunnel, as bright and as brilliant as fire, but remained as beautiful and so terribly sad as that of moonlight.
It was cold. It grew even colder.
    Snowflakes fell from the sky, the light shining through each dot of snow, like glass, fell from the sky and turned to dust. How strange. Dust. Dust as terribly cold as the howling wind, as sad and as beautiful as the moonlight, and as bright and spontaneous as the fire.
    The needles of the branches, stuck in the mare’s mane, fell and prickled at her feet from the ground, like h
Peppermint Contest -- Part 2 (Chapter 1)#pepperscratchccc
Chapter One -
Peppermint rolled out of bed, groaning. Somehow, she ended up on the ground with her blankets wrapped around her, looking very displeased. Her alarm was ringing obnoxiously, and picked up her pillow with her magic and threw it at the ‘snooze’ button.
Suddenly, the window burst open, bringing a pegasus with dark-blue mane through with it.
“RISE AND SHINE!” He yelled.
Peppermint groaned and let the pillow fall on her face. “Why do we have to be up so early?” She said, her voice muffled.
“It’s the Summer Sun celebration! You were supposed to stay up all night--”
“Yeah, yeah, I know. To see the sun rise. Big deal!” She glanced outside at the inky-black sky, dots of stars scattered, barely visible because of all the lights that ponies had lit.
The stallion’s ears folded back, a worried expression painted across his face. “You. . .missed a really good gig in Canterlot. Why was that?&
Peppermint Contest -- Part 3 (Chapter 2)
Chapter Two -

Why am I always so. . .self-aware?

Why do I feel distant, as if separated from everyone else?

Why do I feel as if a stranger is staring back at me from the mirror?

When I look at myself, I stare in disbelief. “That is me. That body is where my soul lies.”

Why do I feel the prick of a needle in my cheek, the smell of hospitals?

What are the strange and abrupt pains I feel spontaneously?    

Where am I?

Please. . .please help.

Where am I?

Please. . .
Peppermint watched Soarin fly towards Canterlot with her response, telling them she was on her way. She was busy purchasing a last-minute train ticket up to the city, and she hopped onto the train, sighing as she stared out the window.
The train car was
Peppermint Contest -- Part 4 (Chapter Three)#pepperscratchccc 
Chapter Three -
It was cold, and hot, all at the same time.

“Help me.”


“Please, help.”

“Help me.”
“Wha--Who. . .?” Peppermint began to ask all at once, her head filled with questions.
“No time to explain. There are more on the way.” Interrupted Ditzy, “Let’s go!” She went over to the window, waiting for Peppermint to follow. She didn’t know whether to trust her or not.
Peppermint looked her over. She was a grey pegasus with a small frame, and her mane and tail were about as golden as the sun. Her eyes were orange, like the color of a sunset--but they were cross-eyed. One faced slightly down, while the other stared at her. They were both determined and focused, though, despite their nature. Her face was kind, but brave.
Peppermint tenderly took a step tow
Peppermint Story -- Chapter. 4Chapter Four
It’s cold.

So. . .so cold.

Help me.


    “Run!” Ditzy screamed, and they all turned and ran out of the cave. The Cyberpony followed behind as the ponies galloped towards the forest. Peppermint looked at the distant Canterlot castle. It’s lights were shining bright, what it usually looked like during the Summer Sun celebration. But as they approached the forest and the trees began to sprout around them, she noticed something else. There was a green tint in the corner of the sky, just a glimmer. She shook her head, thinking it was her imagination.
The cyberpony was teleporting now, from place to place, so it could reach them faster. It stayed under the cliff that hung off the side of the mountain, sticking to the shadows. It was harder to spot there, and the ponies could only run and hope it wasn’t immediately behind th


The “Peppermint Contest” Series by PaintingStrides



So I’ll take this chapter-by-chapter, starting with the prologue. For starters, I enjoy how well you establish the environment as being incredibly frigid. I can even feel the goose bumps on my skin rise just by reading how chilling the outdoors are. I also admire how you explain how each aspect of the outside appears and feels. I’m also left anxious when Peppermint just drops to the ground while someone is calling her name. It adds some level of suspense. 

However, I do have a few criticisms to make. Firstly, I have an issue with the constant repetition of words. For example, you use the word “cold” for a total of thirteen times in this chapter. When you describe something more than once, try using a different word each time, like frigid or chilling or icy. This might seem random, but a good example of this is Nostalgia Critic’s review of The Phantom of the Opera movie. When they comment on Beth’s singing by spewing phrases like “amazingly adequate” and “remarkably passable” and “phenomenally serviceable”. Notice how they use different words each time. They avoid sounding repetitive by reciting synonyms for amazing and okay, which this chapter could have done more of. This also goes for when you used the phrase terribly beautiful three times. 

Another criticism I would like to make is that the descriptions of the stars, branches, and moon could have all been written in the same paragraph, because that’s the point where you’re defining the setting and atmosphere. 

We then have the first chapter, and I have to say that this one is written slightly better. Something I like about it is the characterization. I enjoy how you portray Soarin as friendly and enthusiastic. It’s always important to keep canon characters as their usual selves. I also find it interesting that Peppermint feels unmotivated to attend the Summer Sun Celebration due to it being nighttime. For the first half, it makes me urgent to figure out what the reason behind that was.

My biggest criticism is that when Soarin enters the scene, you should establish sooner that it is him. From the line that he burst through the window to the first time Pepper refers to him as Soarin, I was wondering who the heck this character was. You could have a line that said, “Pepper instantly realized it was Soarin.”

Another analysis is that when you reveal that Octavia is the one quoted in the paper, write it as, “said Octavia Andante, a friend and roommate of DJ, claimed” instead.

Next up is chapter two, and this one is fairly written as well. I enjoyed the italicized dialogue at the beginning. It genially alludes to the fact that Pepper might be in the hospital, and while I could be wrong, it still creates a sense of necessity.

I absolutely love the sequence where the train shuts off and the cyberman approaches Pepper so slowly. I felt chills down my spine as I read about the pony dropping his paper and coat in the middle of the darkened train.

My only critique for this chapter is that there are certain parts where pepper doesn’t sound terrified. When she says, “Ha! As if”, she sounds to be a bit playful rather than fearful. Perhaps have her stare frighteningly at the machine and say, “Um, I don’t think I want to.” It would be more consistent. I also got this same vibe when she imitates the robot. It’s too silly, especially since the last few paragraphs had a horror feeling to it. Perhaps have her just say “you will be upgraded”, in her normal voice. That would be taken more seriously.

The third chapter is also very much engaging. I love how you portray Ditzy Doo as this badass hero with high intelligence and bravery. It seems very ironic for her character! On top of that, I also appreciate the intense atmosphere. Now that we understand the threat that these cyberponies pose, everything feels more ominous and uneasy. Having more characters than just Pepper and Ditzy works, because all of them could bounce off each other in interesting ways.

If I had one criticism, it would be to give the side characters more personality. I like what you do with Sugar Berry, making her incredibly timid, but I also wish we could have a bit more development from Snowflake and Trainman. I would love to see how they interact with everyone else.

Finally, we have chapter four, and this was a pretty nice place to leave off on. There was so much excitement with the cyberponies gaining up on all our heroes, and my breath almost stopped when the light blasted Pepper, and thought that she was about to die. It was also pretty funny that you had the Doctor tie into all of this. The scene on his ship was a nice scene to relax with after all that commotion.

My one critique is that the Doctor should be shown to be intent on helping defeat the cyberponies. He just simply leaves without stating what exactly he plans on doing. I would love to hear him talk about how he wants to save the day along with Ditzy and Pepper. That would be greatly compelling! 

Also, I can see that you’ve stopped here for the time being. If you do plan on continuing the story, then I would greatly suggest take some of the criticisms I have into consideration. Have the characters interact more, explain why pepper feels so down about not attending the celebration, and I want to see how these robotic jerks get defeated! Maybe we could even get a scene at the end where pepper just jams out at the festival! I don’t know, they’re just some suggestions.

Overall you have some great material here, and while some parts could use work, I think it could lead to something legitimately awesome! I would give it four stars out of five. Keep up the awesome work, PaintingStrides!



Well, folks, that’s my review! Again, I deeply apologize for taking the longest time ever to complete it. But I hope that you all enjoyed reading the review. Be sure to check out more of PaintingStrides work! You’ll find plenty more MLP fan art, as well as literature and pictures of horseback riding! Also, don’t forget to visit PepperScratch’s profile, either. If you like OC’s, comics, and contest entries, then this is the artist you need to check out! Once again, I thank you all for reading, and I’ll see you all soon!


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